About Us


Processing data is at the heart of today’s manufacturing systems  Manulytics wealth of experience applied against Bio-Tech, Pharmaceutical, Bio-Medical, Manufacturing and Research to Drive the Optimization of Internal Processes through Data Analytics and Design.

Experts in Data Science, Analytics, Systems Engineering and GMP Biotech Manufacturing. Established in 2010 our professionals have deep experience designing, building and implementing regulated processes, programs and science to drive the best possible efficiency from digital data stores.

Expertise in AI with patent experience, GMP pharmaceutical, Bio-Tech, Medical and Technology Projects.  Our principles have more then 60 years of experience in these industries.


Mr. M

25 Years Pharma Research, Medical and Software Development


25 Years Pharmaceutical and Vaccine GMP Manufacturing

What Makes Manulytics Different?

One of the things that makes Manulytics unique is the ambition to build dynamic AI-Driven, innovative optimization solutions. We began tackling this problem when computers first emerged. And we’ve been at it since, almost 35 years. We’ve been inspired by and worked towards this goal for so long that we have invented techniques to make data work for you and your processes.  The result is that we now know how to build systems and processes that produce world-class results. Innovation is at the center of what we do and we have the innovations and references to prove it..